If you’re a US expat living abroad, you can still e-file your tax return, even if you have a foreign mailing address.

Even if you live outside of the US, if you’re a US citizen or resident, you’re typically required to continue filing your US taxes. But when you live abroad, filing by mail can be cumbersome and may cause delays. Filing online can be convenient, but may be harder for US expats.

That’s because not all top online tax software companies offer the option to file your US expat tax returns — though some do. That’s because US residents living abroad have additional tax forms to file, and not all tax providers offer them.

The IRS free file tool, for instance, is now open to US expats and has the forms you’ll need to file your tax returns as a resident living abroad. This also means you can file electronically, even with a foreign mailing address.

You may also find expat tax preparation companies that can help you e-file your tax return while walking you through your tax obligations. 

If you’re receiving a refund from the IRS, however, you cannot have the money directly deposited into a foreign bank account. Instead, you’ll need to opt for a US bank account and transfer the money or have it mailed to you as a check, instead. Keep in mind, it could take longer for your refund to reach you if you opt for a paper check.