Your SSA-1099 is a tax form you’ll receive once a year if you receive Social Security benefits. This form will list the total amount of benefits you received during the previous tax year, and must be reported when filing your tax return. If you lost or never received form SSA-1099, you can request a copy online, by phone, or at your local Social Security office.

If you’re a US citizen who receives Social Security benefits, you should expect to receive tax form SSA-1099 in January from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This letter will be mailed to your permanent address. 

You won’t receive this form if you get supplemental Social Security income (SSI). Non-resident aliens who received Social Security will receive tax form SSA-1042S instead.

You can request a copy of tax form SSA-1099 if you misplace it. You can do so by:

  • Logging on to your online Social Security account, where you’ll be able to download a copy of this tax form. If you don’t already have a Social Security account online, you can create one at Login.Gov
  • Calling the SSA Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm at 1-800-772-1213.
  • Visiting your local Social Security office. You can find a full list of locations here.

When you file your taxes, you’ll report your Social Security income (found in box 5a of your SSA-1099) on line 6a of your 1040.