If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, you still have time to select and change your refund method. But if you filed, it’s generally not possible to change your refund method unless your tax return was rejected.

When filing your taxes, you can elect for several different refund methods. You can opt to receive a check mailed to your address, or receive a direct deposit. If you opt for direct deposit, you can have your refund split across as many as three bank accounts.

But, if you recently changed bank accounts, want to split up your refund, or want to try out a new refund payment method this year, you may need to change your refund preferences when filing.

You'll be asked how you want to receive your refund. If you saved your return but did not file it yet, you can log in to change you method.

Once your taxes are filed, however, you typically cannot change your refund method. But if your tax return is rejected by the IRS, you can change your refund method before refiling.